Teresa May has been talking once again to EU leaders this week as she tries to get more amendments to the EU Withdrawal Agreement before the UK is scheduled to exit the EU on March 29.

While you can debate whether you want Teresa May’s deal, no deal and trade on WTO terms, no Brexit at all or something else all you like, what a logistics company like SSO Logistics really wants more than anything is certainty over what is – or isn’t – going to happen come the end of the month.

Businesses, by their nature, hate uncertainty. When we know what is happening, then we plan and execute our strategies with confidence but currently, with nobody seeming to know what is going to happen with Brexit, there is no way that we – or any other warehouse and logistics company – can do this effectively.

While we have comprehensive plans in place for all eventualities – whether we have a hard or soft Brexit or something in between – no matter how much we plan, we don’t know what will happen after Brexit, any more than the government seems to do.

And this uncertainty is impacting on pallet distribution businesses that operate in the UK and the EU, such as SSO Logistics – we are a member of the United Pallet Network. We have customers that are not shipping internationally at the moment because of the uncertainty over what is going to happen.

This has been an ongoing situation for more than two years now, but as the clock ticks down to March 29, things are getting worse as businesses are increasingly holding off on projects as they wait and see what the government is going to do and what Brexit will mean and what the impact will be. For example, if there are delays at ports – as it is said there could be, especially if there is a no deal Brexit – it will affect pallet delivery companies, including those that offer timed deliveries, AM deliveries and weekend deliveries internationally badly.

As a logistics company, all this uncertainty is hitting the bottom line – for us and many others – and ultimately it is adversely affecting the UK economy too. This is something that has been all too often ignored by politicians and the mainstream media – Brexit is already having an effect.

We at SSO Logistics are not calling for any sort of Brexit in particular, all we want is to know what is going to happen. Once we know that, then we can fully concentrate on doing what we do best – international logistics that gets goods to customers safely, on time and for a good price.

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