Logistics Services

Storage And Warehousing

Where is your customer base? It’s something worth considering!

We have 20,000 sq ft storage facility available to store your goods’ until they are required for delivery to the end user so you never have to even see them! We help many customers with their warehouse logistics and take all the hassle away from them. We have the ability on site to receive containers, de-van, palletise, store and distribute them from our site without any problems. How better to run a business than having the freedom to forget about warehousing and distribution companies, just let us do it for you!


Are you a business starting up? Don’t want to tie up that much needed cash in expensive lease payments and deposits? Look no further, we can offer PAY AS YOU GO warehouse and logistics based on the space used on a weekly basis with no commitment! You sell out and can’t get stock for a week or two…no cost incurred.

We have recently added another string to our SSO bow and become BRC accredited to AA grade which is a huge commitment to our new and existing customers who require BRC warehousing and distribution. We work with so many different types of customers and are always looking at ways we can improve their businesses and help them with full traceability and auditing.

So, if you are looking for a warehouse logistics provider and BRC warehousing is important to your business, then come over and have a look around. We will even make you a cuppa!

We are passionate about all things Logistics…Give Us a call or drop us an email and start saving money today!