In case you didn’t know already, the haulage industry is very competitive and can mean that other haulage companies won’t entertain working together even though sometimes, they just cannot cover all of their deliveries on their own fleet.

However, at SSO Logistics, we have a whole load of other transport companies who we call partners that we work with in perfect harmony and we all help each other out in times of need (which is quite regularly). One of the services we offer for them is traction services and we just grab a loaded trailer and deliver it to wherever it needs to be. We have a large number of 44 ton tractor units which are able to pull any trailer, anywhere in the UK throughout the day and night.

As a growing business, we understand the need to work with some larger companies and develop solid relationships that will hopefully last for many years. After all, we all want to get the customers deliveries there on time!

We also work with a large number of customers with multiple depots and we offer traction services to them by pulling their trailers on a daily basis at a reduced rate with no hassle of loading or offloading at either end. We just drop and swap!

So, if you are interested in traction services for your business or looking for a smaller transport company to help you in your busy periods or to cover staff holidays, don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how competitive our rates are. Send us a quick e-mail to