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Groupage & Full Loads

Here at SSO Logistics, we understand that some customers might not send out single pallets or even have full load deliveries which is why we also offer groupage deliveries. Because we have vehicles all over the UK on a daily basis, we can take mixed loads from different customers on one vehicle going to the same geographical area and save you lots of money in doing so.

Groupage deliveries and Full load deliveries are a specialism of ours and our fleet is based around catering for those for our wide range of customers. With a range of vehicles including Rigids and Artics, we can allocate spaces for your goods accordingly and reduce your transport costs which is sometimes your biggest overhead.

A majority of our vehicles are tracked and we can monitor your deliveries through our system or call our drivers directly to give you live updates on where they are and ETA’s.

Groupage & Full Loads
Groupage & Full Loads
Groupage & Full Loads

We operate nationwide and can offer fantastic discounts on full load work from anywhere in the UK to the North West of England, with our own fleet of tracked vehicles with fully trained drivers you can be confident of a professional service.

All vehicles are plated to 44 ton therefore giving the maximum payload permissible.

44 ton tractor units
13.6 tri axle tall boy trailers
13.6 tri axle tail lift trailers
13.6 flat trailers 13.6 euroliner trailers
13.6 & 15.6 metre double deck trailers
26 ton rigid curtainsiders with tail lifts
18 ton rigid curtain siders with tail lifts.

No matter what the needs of your customer……we have a vehicle to deliver it on!