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You can rest assure that when it comes to technology, SSO Logistics have got it all covered with our Powerful IT Solutions.

Truckcom Driver App
Powerful IT Solutions

Our own bespoke traffic system is linked to all of our drivers PDAs. This enables us and our customers to see live progress of jobs, locations, Delays and Live signatures.

Your jobs are sent automatically from our system to the driver, once this has been done you can see the progress in real time via our online customer portal.

Once your deliveries have been completed, you have the option to recieve automatic signatures, this will confirm the delivery has been completed, and who signed for the goods.

SSO Warehouse App
Powerful IT Solutions

Developed in house, Our warehouse app keeps a track of all freight In & Out. This is also used to check your freight coming in and should there be any discrepancies you will be notified before the goods are sent out.

Live Vehicle Telematics
Live Vehicle Cameras

Fleet Location and Driver Management

  • Live Map
  • Vehicle Performance
  • Driver Performance

Camatics is an in-vehicle camera and telematics system recording any potential or actual accident, and providing immediate notification.