About Us

Our Company

SSO Logistics Ltd was formed in May 2013 by directors Neil Draper, Peter Draper & Simon Haslam. All three directors have a multitude of experience over various logistics sectors from pallet networks to container shipping and distribution.

The company started life based in central Warrington offering nationwide distribution to customers via its own fleet of curtain sided vehicles and pallet network for the smaller consignments.

The business recently relocated premises to a central location in St Helens which has ideal links to the M6 & M62 motorways, the move enabled the business to now have extensive warehousing facilities and dedicated container ramps for the offload of containers.

SSO are your partner for transport & distribution of palletised freight, from importing the containers, container de-van, storage then onward delivery to anywhere in the UK & Europe.

Being a member of UPN gives SSO the ability to collect at a National & European level with the advantage of 143 depots of local knowledge.

Why choose SSO? Why are we different?

The business is a family orientated one and there is a great deal of knowledge and experience that we can help our customers reduce costs and provide a more efficient service to their customers.

We have spent a great deal of time training staff to be knowledgeable in all aspects of delivering freight, if they don’t know something they will research and find out what’s needed.

  • Ever had the excuse…we can’t deliver your freight as the “agency driver hasn’t turned in”? We have eliminated that issue by employing spare drivers…which was common place years ago but moved towards a flexible approach to staff sickness which can often let the customer down when the agency driver does not show or provides a poor service through lack of training. This is relatively new approach we have made but one that have made for the long term benefit of our customers. We take such a proactive approach to getting goods delivered that out of our office staff 5 members are HGV trained so can react and deliver when circumstances dictate.
  • Ever had the issue that a customer has complained of damage and you have to wait until the driver gets back to base and send the POD over which can take days? No such issues with SSO, we have developed a system of live EPODS that give POD information in real time when deliveries are made. This is fine if you do not require physical paperwork back…if you do the driver SCANS it on site and e mails it to you if required or makes it available online within minutes depending on your preference.
  • Ever been placed on hold constantly as there doesn’t seem to be enough staff to deal with queries? We know that when something goes wrong you need to know…and you need to know YESTERDAY. With this in mind our traffic team often deal with queries on the spot without ring backs and customers are rarely placed on hold…most calls are often answered within 3 rings. Don’t have the time to talk? We know how busy people are in our industry! With this in mind we have set up dedicated e-mail for instant quotes issued within 5 minutes of receipt.

Why not choose SSO?

  • You have good relationship with your current provider and you may upset them by getting another provider on board. If they are providing a good service at the right price they will welcome another provider to be benchmarked against, we don’t mind.
  • You have had a bad experience switching providers in the past and you don’t want to go through that experience again, this is a common issue, just try us on a few jobs and progress the work if you like what you see. We know how important it is getting your freight delivered and have no issues with you “dipping your toe in the water”
  • You don’t have the time to do comparison. We often do rate comparisons free of charge so can show the savings of using our services, In essence “we do all the legwork”